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Dog Vomiting at Night

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 3:33AM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

So my poor pup Sammy has started something quite new, and I really wish I could figure out what it is. He seems to be waking up in the middle of the night (I'm talk 2am!!) and vomiting. Not a lot, just a little and its mostly yellowish or whiteish. But this is now the 4th night that its happened in the past two weeks. He is absolutely FINE during the day. Plays, jumps, eats, does everything he should but wakes up around 2 am to vomit. He doesn't even have diaherra to go with it.

I'm reluctant to take him to the vet because whenever we do it costs an arm and a leg and they usually tell us nothing is wrong. I feel like since it is happening at night and he is fine during the day they are even more likely to say that. Has anyone ever experienced this? Or does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing it? Or do I just need to suck it up and take him to the vet??


Sammy and his...uh..."ya know" parts

Thu, 07/31/2008 - 3:29PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

I am torn as to how to handle a current situation that has occurred with one of my precious poochies. Auggie and Sammy get groomed every 6-8 weeks. And every now and then they get nicked. It took me nearly a year to find a good and reasonably priced groomer. I know that they both squirm so I figure a few nicks a year are bound to happen. Well Sammy got nicked Monday in his special area....mind you he is neutered, but still has a little bit of a sac. Well today, Thursday we had agility class and my Sammy that loves everything about agility would not do a thing. I told our trainer before class that he wasn't feeling himself and what happened at the groomer. She took a look at his "area" and seemed very concerned and upset about it. She was insistent that I call the groomer and let them know what happened. He is red, and swollen, and you can tell that its bothering him because he's not as excited about his walks and agility, but it is close to 100 degrees and humid here, could he just be tired?!?! I trust our trainer very much, she's incredibly knowledgeable and has been training very high leveled dogs for years, but I don't want to upset our groomer either. It took me so long to find one and this particular groomer wasn't accepting new clients when she took us. She only took us because we had had so many previous bad experiences with groomers. What should I do???


Sleepy Sammy

Thu, 07/17/2008 - 3:43PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

Doesn't he just look so precious!!!


Doo Dah Day

Sat, 04/26/2008 - 2:04PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

I am so so sorry that I cannot find a link for this, but as soon as I upload some video I will add it. My husband and I decided this morning to take a ride down to Ocean City, NJ. We learned that it was the last weekend dogs would be allowed on the beaches before the summer rush starts. In addition to that it just so happened to be Doo Dah Day with the annual Doo Dah Parade and Boardwalk Waddle. I kid you not these are real terms and thousands of people show up to watch this event. Technically, the event started yesterday with the Bassett Hound Olympics a hysterical sight! Today, after a romp in the ocean, Auggie, Sammy, hubby and I witnessed quite possibly the funniest thing I have every seen. A parade of about 500 basset hounds dressed up in all sorts of costumes down the Ocean City boardwalk. Now, this parade would not be complete without the hundreds of wagons people used to cart their hounds around in and the "Pooped Out Pup Pick Up Truck" for those dogs that were pooped out but did not have a separate ride. When we saw the truck, about 15 minutes into the parade there were about a dozen dogs taking a nap on it. Still attached to their owners by leash! The owners had to walk beside the truck!! This whole site was absolutely hysterical!! I have never seen so many basset hounds together in one place before, quite a site to see. Of course we will be making plans to attend next year's event as well.....wouldn't miss it for the world!

For video of the hound olympics click here:



Fri, 04/11/2008 - 2:10PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -


Dog Training 911

Thu, 04/10/2008 - 6:40PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

Today I came to the gross realization of the long term effects of leash correction and punishment on a dog. My older dog Auggie was trained at a local dog training club that uses this as a means of training. Yes, he learned all his commands, but he is terrified of other dogs and most people. My younger dog Sammy, trains at a different site that uses positive reinforcement as a means of training. The difference between my two dogs is absolutely amazing. Auggie is shy, scared, easily startled, and doesn't play well with others. Sammy is friendly, outgoing, social, easy to get along with, and just an overall great dog. Not that Auggie isn't great, he's just more timid. Well, after much thought and effort Auggie is starting back at stage one with his training at Sammy's school. He is in a class for "confidence" reasons and this was made embarrassingly clear to me and to the class when the trainer, made sure everyone was aware of his "problems." Making sure everyone knew to "stay back" especially if he was "cowering at Mommy's feet." I was so embarrassed. The other people in the class genuinely felt bad for me, and I think a few of them saw that I was on the verge of tears. I really never thought that I would be the one with a misbehaved dog, and I never intentioned for that to happen. I do have hope though, it worked for Sammy (who is now in agility classes), I am sure it will work for Auggie too.


Sammy's Paw

Mon, 04/07/2008 - 1:31PM by Aphrosette 0 Comments -

Now if you are a pet owner and lover out there you will know just how I was feeling this afternoon. My poor puppy Sammy has been chewing on his paw for the past week. He chews right between the pads and it is quite infected and inflamed. We tried everything we could at home to take care of it. Including covering the area so he can't get to it, but nothing helped so today we ended up at the vet. Well, my poor boy was surely a brave one. He let the vet take care of him but not without some crying of his own, which of course caused me to cry. I felt so bad for having waited to take him and then to have to hear him cry when he was a few rooms away. It is just heart breaking. He's feeling better now, but of course he has a super huge bandage on his paw and has been put on "bed rest" until it heals. I know that this was barely anything compared to what some pet owners have been through with their pets, but it still is no fun.